If you don't find the answer to your question below, we're here to help. Call us at 877-BASS-USA, option #2 or send an e-mail to to get started. You can also send an e-mail to to order today or phone 877-BASS-USA, option #1.

5. Why do I receive renewal notices so early?

Bassmaster Magazine is printed two months before the actual issue is shipped, thus those members who renew close to their expiration date may experience an interruption in service. Early renewal notices are delivered in order to prevent such interruptions.

6. I recently renewed my B.A.S.S. Membership (which includes my Bassmaster subscription), but I received an additional statement; why?

Renewal payments may take several weeks to post to your account. In most cases, your payment and the additional renewal notices have simply crossed in the mail.

7. I'm suddenly receiving two issues per month; how can I fix this?

This occurs when B.A.S.S. has two separate memberships on file for the same person/address. These memberships can be combined, and the one membership will result in a new expiration date. Please contact B.A.S.S. Membership 天津体育彩票网 at for more information.

10. What is the cost of a B.A.S.S. Membership if I live outside the United States?

Canadian rates are $27.95/year, International $49.95/year. Additional years are available at discounted rates. Please contact B.A.S.S. Membership 天津体育彩票网 at [email protected] or toll-free 877-BASS-USA, option #1.